Asia FlowWatch - July 2015 results highlights

In July 2015, long-term funds in Asia (excluding existing funds in China, which reports data on a quarterly basis) saw net inflows of about US$60 billion, of which US$34 billion came from the new China funds launched in July. It was followed by Japan with net inflows of US$12 billion. Mixed products led with US$34 billion mainly from the strong new funds in China, followed by Equity Funds (US$15 billion), Bonds Products (US$6 billion), and real estates (US$2 billion). "Other" funds, including alternatives and guaranteed products, raised close to US$4 billion this month.

Mixed Flexible was the top selling category during the month, raising close to US$31 billion. It was followed by Equity Asia Pacific and Bond Asia Pacific, collecting US$14 billion and US$7 billion, respectively. In contrast, Bond High Yield vehicles experienced outflows of close to US$1 billion.

July’s top four bestsellers in Asia were all new fund launches in China. All of them were Mixed Flexible products, collecting around US$6.5 billion each during the month. However, these four funds were fully funded by China Securities Finance Co. (a government agency) to support the Chinese stock markets that have experienced a sharp decline since late June.