Highlights from US markets for October 2015

Monthly Highlights - October 2015 Report

Key highlights:

Net new investment to long-term mutual funds and exchange-traded products totaled US$31.7 billion in October. Equity products netted US$10.4 billion on US$14.3 billion of inflows to US Equity ETFs. Actively managed sector-specific US Equity offerings saw US$753 million of inflows during the month. International Equity funds captured US$7.6 billion, including US$1.6 billion of inflows to actively managed growth-oriented strategies.

Taxable Bond funds attracted a net US$18.3 billion during the month on demand for US corporate bond funds with high yield and intermediate maturity themes. Tax-Free Bond funds netted US$3 billion in October. Net new investment to Bond funds totals US$69 billion year-to-date.

Equity markets rallied in October producing strong positive monthly average returns for US and International Equity funds of 7.0% and 6.4%, respectively. Asset weighted average returns for Bond funds were also positive, with Taxable products averaging 0.8%.

Net deposits to Money Market funds totalled US$47.7 billion in October.