ETF flows total US$41bn in July - Global ETF FlowWatch July 2015 Results

Worldwide ETF flows totalled US$41 billion in July, following US$25 billion of net deposits in June. The strong inflows were spread across several major market regions. Year-to-date through July, ETF inflows have reached US$196 billion globally. Global assets remained just under US$3 trillion.

The U.S., which continues to be the largest ETF market, saw inflows of $25 billion in July. U.S. domiciled ETFs attracted net deposits of US$127 billion year-to-date through July, with much of this flowing to Equity U.S. – Large Cap funds.

European domiciled ETFs garnered inflows of $8 billion in July, their highest total since February. Over US$2 billion of net deposits went to Equity Europe – Large Cap ETFs.

ETFs in Asia saw over US$7 billion of inflows in July, the highest monthly total since 2012. Equity Japan funds continue to see high demand, with over US$4 billion of net deposits in July.

The two biggest ETF launches of July were both money market funds domiciled in China. The Huatai-PineBridge Money Market ETF raised US$115 million and the Invesco Great Wall Money Market ETF collected US$56 million.