Current Research - Now Available

Plan For Life has been collecting and reporting on the New Zealand market for over 12 years, covering KiwiSaver and Retail Managed Funds. 

KiwiSaver and Retail Statistics (QDS NZ)

  • QDS NZ contains full statistics on Retail and KiwiSaver funds management markets in New Zealand.

  • Data covers FUM, Inflows, Outflows, Net Funds Flow, Transfers, Investment Earnings, Investment Performance, Unit Prices.

  • Markets covered include retail superannuation, bonds, non-super (unit trusts), Kiwi Saver

  • Reporting levels include overall, product market, group, company, category, product and investment fund.

  • History: Full quarterly back to June 2006 (12 years).

  • Format: softcopy (Excel spreadsheets)

  • Issues: 4 quarterly issues published.

KiwiSaver and Retail (Market Overviews)

  • Media Releases covering retail managed funds markets, superannuation, KiwiSaver and non-super.

  • Data covers FUM, Inflows, Net Flows

  • Reporting level: Group

  • History: last quarter and 12 months

  • Format: softcopy (PDF)

  • Published quarterly (6-8 weeks after quarter end)


Life Insurance Research - Custom Reports

Plan For Life has developed a range of new research tools and reports covering New Zealand. We will provide new industry intelligence through accurate and reliable data collection, reporting and meaningful analysis from an insider’s view of the New Zealand insurance market. Our Actuarial methods have been established in Australia for the past 30 years reporting on Life Insurance and Managed Funds.

  • Life Insurance Market Share – confidential custom reports

  • Life Insurance Industry Forecasts – confidential custom reports

  • Life Insurance Premium Rate Comparator – compare pricing across product types

  • Life Insurance Product Benchmarking Report – detailed analysis of product competitiveness

  • Life Insurance Company of the Year Awards – recognition of industry excellence

  • Other research applications: Distribution Channels, Customer Segmentations

Contact us to request further information on confidential custom reports.