• Income Stream Reports - IA, PAMR, ALP
  • Annuity Sales History


  • Weekly Immediate Annuity Rates
  • Annuities Online website


  • Immediate Annuity Benchmarking


Market Share

Income Stream Reports - IA, PAMR, ALP

  • Focus on Retirement Market products sales and funds including Allocated Pensions, Allocated Annuities and Immediate Annuities.
  • Data covers: Sales Statistics: Number of Sales, Sales $Value, Annuity p.a., Average Price, Average Annuity p.a
  • History:  Quarterly with 10 years
  • Format: PDF, Excel          
  • Frequency: Quarterly

Annuity Sales History

  • Immediate Annuity Sales History 
  • Data includes: Short Term Annuities with RCV, Short Term Annuities NIL RCV, Long Term Annuities, Lifetime Annuities, Wholesale Annuities. Year End and Quarter End.
  • Companies included are those currently offering annuity products as well as closed products.            
  • History:  Quarterly to 1998
  • Format: Excel     
  • Frequency: Quarterly

Annuity Rates

Weekly Immediate Annuity Rates

  • Weekly Immediate Annuity Rates 
  • Data includes: Total Immediate Annuities, Short Term (1-5 year) 100% RCV, Short Term (1-5 year) Nil RCV, Long Term (6 to 25 year), Lifetime (single, joint), Market Share (FUM).
  • Companies reported include those currently offering annuity products.      
  • History:  Weekly with 10 years
  • Format: Excel     
  • Frequency: Weekly

Annuities Online website

Approved Product Lists

Immediate Annuity Benchmarking

  • This report provides factual research material to Licensees on Annuities which may assist them in developing and maintaining their Recommended or Approved Lists for use in their business to advise clients.
  • The features in the review:  Financial Strength, Market Strength, Annuity Rates, Product Range, Service
  • Companies reported include those currently offering annuity products. 
  • History: Quarterly
  • Format: PDF, Excel
  • Frequency: Three issues p.a.