We wanted a contemporary and fresh image, but we are proud of our 30 year heritage so we used a blue color and other design cues to signal our link to the previous brand. The brand is a metaphor for the intelligence that is at the heart of our business with an ‘I’ in the centre of our logo. We wanted to show the integration of many strong and well respected brands into the new single brand, so we created a logo which implies convergence of elements into a whole. Read the media release.



So it’s easier for customers across the world to understand what we do.

A new single brand allows our company to develop a simple, cohesive and single narrative that explains our products, capabilities and aspirations.


Actuaries and Researchers

Accurate, comprehensive and reliable reporting

Independent research and innovative products

Still delivering day-to-day high quality service


New vision, strategy and global organisation

Integrated enterprise scale solutions

Leveraged global expertise, technology & insights