SMSF Report

SMSF Report covers research into SMSF assets and revenue flows at age-group levels identifies major potential opportunities in Insurance, Investments and Retirement Products.

  • Market Overview - SMSF Assets split by Age (Age Ranges, Estimated Average Balance, Number of Members, Asset Split)
  • Future Outlook - Forecasts June 2014 to June 2017.
  • Managers selling SMSF - Funds per Manager, Inflows/Sales
  • Review of Distribution Approach – for each company a detailed review of the types of service, fees, charges and investments offered.
  • Opportunities Analysis: Insurance (Total Number of Members, Estimated Number of Members with Insurance, Estimated Number without Insurance, Estimated Annual Premium, Estimated Average Premium, Potential Growth in SMSF Insurance Cover), Retirement (Estimated Funds paying a Pension), Investment (Investment Categories Asset Mix), Administration (Retail Services and Fees).
  • Format:  Report (PDF) and spreadsheet data with history to 2004 (Excel)
  • Included Updates: Quarterly spreadsheet data updates during 2015.
  • Spreadsheet Data Granularity: Company Overview (up to 10 years history), Annual Market Overview (up to 9 years history), Investment Categories and Investments.
  • Spreadsheet Data Metrics: Fund size, investment types, sales, inflows (including contributions), outflows (benefits, tax, admin/investment expenses), net flows, investment income, net transfers, other movements.