UX Review of Direct Life Insurance Websites


Direct Life Insurance that is distributed through non-intermediated sales channels (i.e. online), allows consumers to deal directly with the life insurer, without a financial adviser involved. The goal for life insurers is to provide consumers with a positive user experience when using their website by following a human-centred design approach. This can be benchmarked by measuring the “usability” of a website, as a combination of factors: effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of the customer.


This latest report covering UX Review of Direct Life Insurance Websites is updated to August 2018. It expands on the research first conducted in December 2017 with new information including a Summary of Company Changes and highlighting overseas experience in the areas of Quotation Process Design Innovation, Types of Sales Features, Emerging Digital Technology and Approach to Accessibility. 


The methodology Strategic Insight has undertaken is based on a usability review across specific Australian Direct Life Insurance websites, using a combination of cognitive walkthroughs and applying heuristic analysis methodologies.

  •  Cognitive walkthrough is a usability inspection method used to identify usability issues in interactive systems, focusing on how easy it is for new users to accomplish tasks with the system. A cognitive walkthrough is task-specific. To determine the level of usability for a website, the evaluator “walks” through a set of the most typical user tasks supported by the website, one-step-at-a-time.  Refer to list of Task Categories and Task Questions.

  • Heuristic evaluation is a usability inspection method for websites that helps to identify holistic usability problems in the user interface.  Heuristic evaluation involves having the evaluator examine the interface and judge its compliance with recognised usability principles (the heuristics).

Task Categories

This review focuses on the user experience based on how effectively common user goals and objectives are met for the following Task Categories:

  1. Obtaining a Quote (and purchasing life insurance online)

  2. Obtaining Product Information

  3. Finding out about the benefits of Sales Offers

  4. How to get Help & Support

Report Inclusions: