Usability Consulting

Usability Consulting is a user experience (UX/CX) consulting service developed for the Australia Life Insurance market.

Usability Consulting is based on a user experience (UX) audit, review and analysis of Life Insurance adviser portals, public adviser websites and quotation software. This refers to how effectively an Adviser Portal or Public Adviser website meets common user goals and objectives, referred to as “Usability of Adviser Portals”.

Usability Consulting is offered to Life Insurance companies and Adviser Dealer Groups:

  • For Adviser Dealer Groups as part of their due diligence, research and review of Life Insurance products and companies, for consideration of inclusion on their approved product lists.
  • For Life Insurance companies, as part of their market research to identify opportunities and best practice for delivering a superior customer experience to advisers and customers

Common user actions, desired workflows, required resources and frequent tasks can be summarised into the following categories:

  • Tools & Calculators
  • Forms & Documents Library
  • Technical Support & Contact Us
  • Client Marketing Support
  • Business Marketing Support
  • Professional Development
  • Navigation
  • Findability
  • Search
  • Content & Design
  • Login Page
  • Site Performance
  • Quotations & Applications
  • Account Management
  • Client Management


The Consulting process follows these steps:

  1. Establish an Industry Benchmark for each category based on UX heuristics.
  2. Research and review Life Company details.
  3. Allocate a score to each Life Company for the category (Above Benchmark, Benchmark, Below Benchmark).
  4. Summarise Results in comparison tables.
  5. Identify opportunities based on best practise and overseas experience, including overseas trends and innovations in Canadian, South African and UK Life insurance markets.
  6. Make Recommendations for improvement in each category