Life Insurance Market Share

Life Insurance Quarterly Review

New Report to be released during 2018

The new Life Insurance Quarterly Review will focus on short term trends over the last 1-3 years. It will include commentary and supporting data tables for the overall market and full company reviews for three major Life Insurance companies each issue. 

  • Individual Company reviews will include charts and commentary for Inforce/New Premiums over time, tracked against market share and snapshots of various specific breakdowns (product mix, number of lives, state splits).

  • Overall Market reviews will include will include charts and commentary for separate product segments including Term Life, TPD, Trauma, IP and Business Expenses and condensed demographics focused on Sales by State and Sex/Smoker.

Market Share Statistics

Market Share Statistics are provided to subscribers as a packge of Risk Statistics and Life Insurance Statistics in spreadsheet format.

1. Risk Statistics Quarterly

Comprehensive reporting of Life Insurance Risk products including lump sum (term life, TPD, trauma), income protection and business expense insurances.

  • Data Sets: In Force Premiums, New Single Premiums, New Annual Premiums.

  • Demographics: State Distribution, Gender and Smoking Status, Age Group Segmentation.

  • Product Trends: Number of Lives Insured, Sums Insured, Premium Payment Frequency, Stepped and Level Premiums, Benefit Periods and Waiting Periods.

  • Product Splits: TPD Own Rider, TPD Any Rider, TPD Own Stand Alone, TPD Any Stand Alone, TPD Total, Term Life & TPD, Trauma Rider, Trauma Stand Alone, Total Trauma, Term Life TPD & Trauma, Other Lump Sum Risk inc Riders to Savings Products, Total Individual Risk Lump Sum.

  • History: Latest Quarter and History to September 2004 .

  • Format: Softcopy (Excel spreadsheets).

  • Published: Quarterly (8-10 weeks after quarter end).

2. Life Insurance Report & Statistics

The Life Insurance Report covers Life Insurance industry sales and key business statistics relating to life offices in Australia.

  • Data Sets: Total Inflows (New Single Premiums plus In-Force Annual Premiums), Total Sales (New Single Premiums plus New Annual Premiums), New Single Premiums, In-Force Annual Premiums, New Annual Premiums, Annual Premium Discontinuances (Surrenders & Forfeitures).

  • Reporting: Individual Risk Lump Sum sales by company are split into products: Term Life, TPD, Trauma - Stand Alone, Trauma – Rider. Individual Risk Income sales by company have been split into products: Income, Protection – Agreed Value, Income Protection – Indemnity, Business Expense & Other.

  • History: 5 years in Report, 15 years in Spreadsheets, (Year End, Quarter End

  • Format: Hardcopy Report + Softcopy report (PDF), Tables in Spreadsheets (MS Excel)

  • Published: Quarterly (8-10 weeks after quarter end).