ETF assets hit US$4.442 trillion - Global ETF FlowWatch - September 2017 Results

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Worldwide ETFs recorded US$39 billion in net flows during September 2017. Equity ETFs led with US$26 billion in net new money, followed by bond and commodity (mostly gold ETFs) garnering almost US$13 billion and US$1 billion, respectively. ETF assets climbed to US$4.442 trillion globally.

In the U.S., Equity ETFs recorded US$12 billion of net flows, pushed by Equity Global – Large Cap and Equity US – Mid/Small Cap, totalling a combined US$8.7 billion for the month. Notably, Bond products gained US$11 billion, mainly driven by US$6.6 billion of net flows into Bond North America, while commodity (mostly gold ETFs) took in a moderate US$1 billion.

ETFs in Europe and Asia recorded US$8 billion and US$6 billion in net new cash, respectively. Equity ETFs were the top selling categories in both regions (US$7 billion in Europe and US$6 billion in Asia).

Nationwide Funds launched three ETFs, totalling US$337 million in net new money. The three ETFs track indices developed by Rothschild Risk Based Investment LLC and TOBAM SAS that focus on volatility. The ETFs are currently listed on the NYSE Arca.