Indian bond products lead inflows - Asia FlowWatch Oct 2015

Report Highlights

In October 2015, long-term funds in Asia (excluding existing funds in China, which report data on a quarterly basis) saw about US$12 billion in net flows, US$5 billion of which came from India, followed by China (US$3 billion) and Taiwan (US$1.3 billion). Bond products led with almost US$4 billion mainly from India, and other asset classes also attracted healthy inflows during the month.

Bond Asia Pacific was the top selling category, raising close to US$5 billion, while guaranteed/protect and equity Asia Pacific gathered around US$2 billion each. In contrast, bond high yield vehicles experienced outflows of US$0.5 billion for the month.

Samsung KODEX200 ETF in Korea and CCB Principal AnXin Guaranteed Hybrid Fund in China were the best-selling products in Asia and each collected US$0.8 billion in October.

Further details can be found in this 60 page quantitative summary of the region.