Retail and Wholesale Funds

1. QDS Retail and Wholesale Data

  • Comprehensive set of statistics with full history covering the complete retail and  wholesale (unitised) superannuation and investment markets, including  platforms.
  • Data includes FUM, Inflows, Outflows, Net Funds Flow, Transfers, Investment Earnings, Investment Performance, Unit Prices.
  • Reporting levels include overall, product market, group, company, category, product and investment fund.
  • History: Quarterly and yearly back to 1991.
  • Format:  Softcopy (Excel spreadsheets), Online (Simfund Australia)
  • Published quarterly (6-8 weeks after quarter end)

2. Market Share & Dynamics Report

  • Complete reporting of quarter results for retail and wholesale superannuation and  investment markets with commentary.
  • Data includes FUM, Inflows, Outflows, Transfers, Investment Earnings.
  • Reports include pre-formatted tables: overview, group, company, investment option level and by category.
  • History: Previous quarter and 12 months.
  • Format: Softcopy (PDF and Excel spreadsheets on CD). Hardcopy available on request.
  • Published quarterly (6-8 weeks after quarter end)

3. Custom Reports and Data Feeds

  • Customised reporting format for Managed Funds Markets developed according to specific client requirements.
  • Data: As required. Can include FUM, Inflows, Outflows, Transfers, Investment  Earnings.
  • Reports: As required. Can include Overview, group, company, investment option  level, category.
  • History: As required. Can include monthly, quarterly and yearly back to 1991.
  • Format: Excel, CSV
  • Published: Monthly, Quarterly

4. ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) Data 

Australian ETF Data now available from Plan For Life has been collected directly and signed-off by ETF providers to ensure accuracy of reporting.

  • Key Features: Accurate and signed-off data set,  Total market coverage,  Consolidated history with the ability to analyse market share trends by both provider and product.
  • Data  Granularity (9 years quarterly history): Company Overview, Investment  Categories, Product Detail
  • Data  Metrics (9 years quarterly history): fund size, unit prices, 1 Year Return %,  Cash Dividend Yield %, Number of Units on Issue.  
  • Other Data Fields: Listing Date,  Termination Date, MER %, ASX Code, Benchmark Index, Responsible Entity,  Investment Manager, Distribution Frequency.
  • Format: Spreadsheet
  • Updated: Quarterly