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ISS is the Global Leader in Corporate Governance & Responsible Investment. For three decades, ISS has remained true to its mission: Enabling the financial community to manage governance risk for the benefit of shareholders. Read more about ISS.


Strategic Insight, Actuaries & Researchers is the leading independent supplier of Australian managed funds, retirement and life insurance market information, relied upon for over 30 years by the leading fund managers, life offices, analysts, dealer groups and government bodies. We are consulting actuaries, researchers and independent financial publishers. 

Company History

Plan For Life was founded by Simon Solomon in 1988 as an actuarial consultancy. The company grew into a research house specializing in Australian managed funds and life insurance data collection and reporting. 

In 2010, Plan For Life was purchased by Asset International. In September 2016, Asset International became known as Strategic Insight, as part of a company-wide global re-branding and growth strategy. 

In 2019, the business was purchased by Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS), the world’s leading provider of corporate governance and responsible investment (RI) solutions for asset owners, asset managers, hedge funds, and asset service providers.



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